E 0301          ERETHISM

The word "erethism" is, via French, of Greek origin

H 0214            ר ו ע

Concept : to provoke

Hebrew word


English meanings

ר ו ע


to provoke, excite

Related English words


Comparison between European words and Hebrew




English meanings

Similarity in roots


ר ו ע


to provoke, excite, stir

‛o r




to provoke, agitate, stir

 e r (th)




e r  (th)



Proto-Semitic *‛OR --- ER- Greek




In is quite possible that the words of this entry are related to those of entry E 0049A (Hebrew 0213) and GR 1221 (Hebrew 0215). In fact the Greek word "eretho" is considered to have as a root just "E-R". Both the "TH" and the "O" are affixes. The O simply indicates the first person singular of the present. The TH is an extension of the root, probably created for a diversification from the concept of " to wake up " into " to agitate, provoke ". This is a way in which languages may be built.



  • Greek has also a longer verb, with an extra affix inserted : "ερεθιζω , erethizo". This longer version had already in classic times, exactly the same meaning as the shorter one. For both versions no further etymology has been found. They are sometimes linked to the word "ορμη, ormè, that means "impetus, impulse" and the fact of "getting moving". This can not be excluded and it shows the same choice of vowel, " O " as seen in Hebrew. The meanings "provoke" and "impetus, impulse" may belong together in a larger field, but are still distant individually.


  • Proto-Semitic There are various identical roots. With the specific meaning of this entry the root is found in Aramaic and Syriac "ע ו ר *Ayin W R ". Ugaritic with the meaning "cause to arouse" is not too far off.


    It is quite possible that it was already used in Proto-Semitic. This root is considered to be the same as seen in entry E 0049A (Hebrew 0213) "*ע ו ר, *Ayin W R ".


  • Indo-European. We have no indications from outside Greek that would allow a hypothesis directly for Indo-European.






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