GR 1120A          AETOS

H 0224            ט י ע

Concept of root : bird of prey

Hebrew word


English meanings

ט י ע


bird of prey

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Comparison between European words and Hebrew




English meanings

Similarity in roots


ט י ע


bird of prey

‛a i th








 a e t

 a y e t



Hebrew ‛AITH < Proto-Semitic *‛UTH --- AIE-T-OS Ionian Greek




This similarity is very strong. True, not every bird of prey is an eagle, but the Hebrew word has as well a shorter version with a quieter initial vowel : " א י ה , ayya " , meaning smaller birds of prey, such as hawk and kite.


This entry is related to number E 0281 (Hebrew 0095), in which the same Greek word "aetos = eagle" is found.


  • Hebrew. Some scholars see this word "‛aith" as derived from the verb in entry E 1012 (Hebrew 0223). The idea is then that this verb, with the message of " to attack " or " to rush upon", originally meant " to scream, shriek", To this end a comparison is made with an Arab verb, "ayyatha = he screamed, scolded".


    Thus the bird of prey would have acquired its name because it " rushes (upon the prey) with shrieks". It is sufficient to observe these birds to understand that only a few of them like buzzards ( frequently ) and eagles ( more seldom) utter shrieks , but while flying high in the sky. Perhaps none of them warns a prey with shrieks when attacking .


  • Proto-Semitic. We have not much information that would serve as a basis for a hypothesis for Proto-Semitic, besides the supposed and possible identicity with the verb of entry E 1012 (Hebrew 0223) . Seen also the similarity with Greek and the full improbability of loaning in this case the Hebrew root may well have been present already in Proto-Semitic, either as it is : "*ע י ט, Ayin Yod TH ", or as a predecessor "*ע ו ט, Ayin Waw TH ".





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