GD 1076          RATS

H 0189            ץ ר ע

Concept of root : fear, fright

Hebrew word


English meanings

ץ ר ע


to make afraid, frighten

Related English words


Comparison between European words and Hebrew




English meanings

Similarity in roots


ץ ר ע


to frighten

‛a r ts




fear, fright

   r  ts



Hebrew *‛ARATS --- *RATS Dutch



Hebrew probably has added a vowel with gutturally reinforced pronunciation to an old root "R TS": A Hebrew root " Ayin R R " is seen as derived from "Ayin R (Yod)" through doubling of the second consonant R. And such a root is seen in Phoenician, Aramaic, Arabic and Akkadian, but not with the same message of "to frighten". Only Arabic has a "‛aridza = he quivered". Thus we have no sufficient indication that Proto-Semitic used the same root that is present in Hebrew or a similar one to express the concept of "fright".


The Dutch word "rats" has no etymology of sorts. Usually it is considered the same as another word "rats", that stands for a boiled mixture of potatoes and vegetables, a stew. It is an abbreviation used in the army for the word "ratjetoe" that is shaped after French "ratatouille". All this has no link whatsoever with "fear" that is the meaning of "rats" in this entry.


The similarity is there, but conclusions about a common origin can not be drawn.





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